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Champions Conquer Fear

So many people today are missing out on the abundant life of joy, peace, and victory that God has for them because they keep giving in to fear. They are afraid to make a decision, they are afraid to confront issues, they're afraid to step out in faith, they're afraid of the past, and they're afraid of the future. As believers, we don't have to live that way.…


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Champions Grow.....

In order to embrace the destiny God has in store for your life, you have to be willing to make some changes in the way you live. You will need to examine where you are and what changes you will need to move forward. This may mean you need to change some of the friends that you have been hanging out with. Maybe they were fine for a season in your life, but you've grown in your walk but they still choose to live with…


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Champions find God's Love and Faithfulness

Do you wake up every morning expecting God’s favor and blessing on everything you do? Do you plan to do what is good? When you plan for what is good, the bible tells us that we find God’s mercy, grace and love. The bible also tells us that God is love. So, when you plan for what is good, you will find God…


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Champions Have God's Instructions Written on Their Hearts

We need to make sure that we are in God’s word daily focusing on His will and letting go of our own. Not merely reading the word but meditating on it and praying on it. We cannot be ready for life’s battles and the storms of life if His instructions are not written on our hearts. This is how we darn the full armor of God as we press forward…


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Champions are Focused!

Sometimes it's easy to become so focused on our dreams that we overlook the simple things that we should be enjoying in life. We need to remember that life is not really all about the destination we want to reach, it's about how we live all along the way. It's about the path we're on that shines brighter and brighter as life goes on.…


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Champions need to overcome fear!

Fear is one of the enemy's favorite tools that he tries to submit us with and keep us in bondage. As soon as we make a decision to step out in faith and do what God is telling us to do, there he is slapping us with fear. He puts thoughts in our minds like, What if I can’t do it? What if I get hurt? What will others think? Or maybe I don't have what it takes. The enemy will do his best to use fear to try to convince us…


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Champions Have Peace

Did you know the best thing you can do for your health is to set your heart at peace with God? Peace is powerful. Peace builds life and strength. Peace literally means "to set at one again." In other words, we have peace when our hearts and minds are aligned with the Word of God. It's so easy to let the pressures and distractions in the ring of life pull our thoughts away from what the Father has for us. It doesn't…


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Don't give up

I heard somebody say once; "Don't let your heredity stop your destiny." Don't let the way people treated you in your past, or what they did or didn't give you keep you from looking forward and becoming all that God has created you to be. The people who raised you may have had addictions, but that doesn't have to be your future. You can be the one to break that negative cycle. Your parents may have had anger issues, but…


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God Calls Champions!

God has a plan to take every hardship and every bad time you go through and use it for good. He’s not going to beat you down or make your life miserable. No, God’s plan is to take those hard times and supernaturally turn them around and use them to bring good into your life. He will use those tough times to bring you through stronger, more mature and prepared for what He has called you to do! Goodness, mercy and…


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Champions Always Treat Others Good

Did you know that the way you treat people has an impact on how effective your prayers are? The Bible says that the prayer of the righteous person is powerful, but if we aren’t treating others with honor, kindness and respect, then we aren’t allowing the righteousness of God to operate in us and though us. When we don’t treat others the way…


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Champions Have Faith!

Do you know in your heart what pleases God? He is not impressed by how much knowledge we might have. He is not influenced by how many possessions we might have. God’s not even moved by the things we may have done, He is moved simply by the faith we have in Him.

What is so great though is that faith is a gift. The bible tells us that…


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Champions Attitude!

God wants to bring to pass everything that He has ever promised you! He wants to give you the deepest desires of your heart. He wants to restore to you twice as much as what has been stolen from you! But you have to do your part and stay filled with hope. That means that no matter how many rounds you've been out jabbed and outscored, no matter how many setbacks you've suffered; you've got to get up each round with the…


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Set Free

Is there a vice, an addiction, a behavior, or a sin that has a foothold in your life? Are you wondering if you can ever be set free from it? The Bible says, "We know that our old sinful selves were crucified with Christ so that sin might lose its power in our lives. We are no longer slaves to sin. For when we died with Christ we were totally set free from the power of sin"

If you have put your faith in Christ, then you don't have to be under the control of any sin, any vice, or anything…


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Champions Break Through

Are you going through a season of difficulty in life? Does it seem like for every step you take forward, you take two steps back? The Bible tells us that hard times and difficulty will come throughout this life, but we can rejoice because God promises us victory! Whatever struggles you may be facing today, make the decision to shake off any negative thinking and trust that God is working behind the scenes on your…


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Champions Stand Firm

Are you standing firm against the enemy in your life? In other words, when fear comes at you from all angles, do you dwell on defeating thoughts or do you raise your guard and start confessing the promises of God over your life? If you choose to dwell on your fears and think about all the reasons why you can't do what God is leading you to do, your letting fear submit you and hold you back from all the good things that…


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Champions Need Faith

Did you know that fear works like faith but in the opposite direction? Faith opens the door for God to work in our lives but fear opens the door for the enemy to work in our lives, so we can’t let fear beat us down or submit us. We must keep our guard up and our armor on at all times. The Bible says that fear torments us and fear has no mercy. If you act on fear instead of acting on faith, the enemy will keep us…


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Champions beware of fear!

God desires that we continually progress or get better in everything we do. That we strive to reach new and higher levels as we grow in the strength that Christ has given us. Sometimes though, as soon as we make a decision to step out in faith and obey God, the enemy throws fear into the ring to try to stop us. He brings in thoughts like, "What if I fail? What if I lose? What will others think of me? He might even…


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Champions have Faith and Hope


So many people these days are depressed and discouraged because they only focus on their present circumstances. They are constantly dwelling on their past and their problems. You know what they don’t have, and what’s wrong with them. They don’t realize it, but they are allowing the enemy to steal their hope and their joy. This negative frame of mind is what keeps people from moving forward in life and…


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Are you putting actions behind your faith to bring it to life? If we aren’t doing things for God that show that we believe in Him, the Bible says that our faith is useless. Useless faith doesn’t accomplish anything. We have to give life to our faith by putting actions behind it. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something that shows your faith in God. I know people that have been down and discouraged. They…


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Champions Go Beyond!

Are you a winner? Do you do more than what people expect of you, or do you look for the easy way out? Do you just do the minimum required, or do you go the extra mile to finish what you have started?

In Bible days, by law, a Roman soldier could require a person to carry his armor for a mile. After that mile, they would have to get…


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“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”

                                                                                  Luke 19:10


Our God is seeking for champions.  Have you sense him recruiting you?  He is not looking for fighters who have a perfect record.  He is looking for fighters who know .....(cont.)



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God loves to build champions. This might explain some of the pain in your life.  Being a champion requires enduring pain.  Training camp is not a walk in the park. 


We don’t object when we win, we just groan when we loose.  He has high aspirations for you.  God envisions you with your hand raised in the end.  He won’t stop until he is finished… He wants you to be a Champion In Christ! 

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