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Champions Do Their Best!

David was a Champion. The Bible tells us that David did everything to the best of his ability. He didn’t just play his harp, he played it with excellence. When he tended his sheep he did it the best he could. When he slung the stone that killed Goliath, it wasn’t by accident. It wasn’t just a lucky throw. David had practiced with his slingshot year after year out in the shepherd’s fields killing bears and lions. He…


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Champions Focus

Are you still living in the past? You might still have those temptations from alcohol, drugs, tobacco, porn, lust or any other sin that you may have given into in the past, but now is the time to be set free! Don’t continue living in a world full of death and decay. Be loosed from the old sinful nature and look to live a brand new life pleasing to God!…


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Champions Choose Their Battles

Many of the challenges that come our way in life are simply distractions that try to turn us away from our destiny. Every day we have opportunities to get upset and mad. It can be someone that is talking about you, or someone at work that is spreading rumors, or a friend that says something that they shouldn’t have. When this happens, you have to ask yourself, “If I engage in this battle and spend my time and energy…


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We all go through many trials and they become a part of our lives. Sometimes things get out of hand and you wonder what you are supposed to do. This is when you must realize you are the child of God. Never give up hope. Your Heavenly Trainer is always with you. He will direct you and He will guide you. Champions you need to learn to exercise your faith. Don’t just sit there thinking well I am getting beat, I’ll just…


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Happy New Year!

Will 2012 be the year that you decide to love the Lord your God and serve Him with all your heart, mind, and soul? It seems like a simple question but the way that you respond can make the difference in prospering in 2012 or facing the same limitations and distractions you may have faced in 2011. Take the time today to leave in 2011 all the things that belong there, guilt and shame are not welcome in this new season…


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~Christmas Love~

Christmas, is one of the most joyous Christian holidays, a time to remember the birth of Christ our savior. Christmas is a time to share our blessings with one another, and to be surrounded by the people we love. It is a time for giving, and a time for forgiving. Most importantly, it is a reminder of how much God loves us.

When I was…


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A Word for Champions

It amazes me as I get into God’s word even thought it was written so many years ago it still depicts the trials and the struggles of this age and as we continue to fight our daily battles we know God is with us in this fight to the end. It also says we are to wake up and come out of the darkness. We are to be clothed in the light of Jesus Christ and share our hearts and lives with others so they may see the truth…


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Champions have Goals and Dreams

What is the vision that you have for your future? Maybe at one time you were excited about your life, you had big goals and dreams, but you went through some disappointments or life didn’t turn out the way you planned and now you’ve just settled where you are. But understand, God’s plan for your life didn’t go away just because you had some disappointments, setbacks, or because somebody treated you unfairly. God didn’t… Continue

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Don't Live In The Past!!

Isn’t it awesome to know that we have a Heavenly Trainer who wants to make us new? Because of what He has done, no matter what has happened in the cage of life, we can look past our defeat and losses and focus on Him so we can be made pure again! You might be thinking, “Oh, you don’t know what I’ve been through or what I have done in my life. You don’t know what I have said in anger. You don’t know how I have acted in… Continue

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Champions are Humble

Have you been bombarded from every direction lately? Have you tried to slip the punches in the cage of life but find yourself tired and defeated? Don’t let pride keep you from the victory that your Heavenly Trainer has for you. Stand firm in His promises and humble yourself before Him and your opponent will begin to wear down. You will find as you listen to that small still voice in your corner that you have reached…


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Champions Persevere

Do you realize that you are in a battle every day of your life? We need to be ready for these battles, continually training and renewing our minds each and every day. Our Heavenly Trainer has made provisions for our fight in the cage of life if we will only read His word and obey His commands. Too many times we listen to other voices and influences in our day to day lives that try to knock us down and submit us.…


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Champions Avoid Disappointments!

Everyone goes through things that don’t seem to make any sense. It’s easy to get discouraged and wonder, "Why is this happening to me?" "How did I get submitted?" "How did I get knocked out?" or "Why can't I ever win?" But we need to understand, even though the cage of life doesn’t always seem fair, our Heavenly Trainer is always there for us no matter what we are going through.…


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Champions are Prepared!

Do you need more power and strength in your life today? When you are connected to your Heavenly Trainer, you are connected to your life source that will guide you through the ring of life. Just as a branch is sustained by the vine it’s attached to, we are sustained by being attached to Him. If you think about how fruit grows, it doesn’t just happen over night; it takes time and the right conditioning. In the same way,… Continue

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Champions Don't Duck And Run

Isn’t it great that even when things look like they are at their worst in the ring of life. That even when it seems like the whole world is coming to an end and we are getting rocked by the punches of life, that God is right there ready to step in and make good out of your bad situation. But too often when we are in a bad situation instead of turning to God our Heavenly Trainer, we turn to the world. We turn to our…


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Champions Don't Dwell On The Wrong Things

Did you know you can limit your life by dwelling on the wrong things? Too often, wrong thinking keeps us stuck in guard right we are instead sweeping our opponent and reaching the next level. If you think you'll never see your dreams or visions come to pass in the ring of life then you'll stay stuck right where you are. If you think you don't have the talent, the connections, or the funds, to reach a higher level then…


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Champions Have Freedom!!

We have freedom in Christ Jesus. He has completely set us free from the clutches of sin. We no longer need to live under the old yoke and bondage of sin. Jesus has lifted that from us and set us free. We need to stand firm though, in this freedom. We shouldn’t look around at the world and become ensnared again to the same choke holds of sin that once enslaved us. We need to stand firm and keep on standing… Continue

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Champions Believe!!

Are you hungry for more of God's favor and grace in your life today? Did you know your faith is the key that opens the door to God’s favor and grace? With faith in Jesus, mountains can be moved, the chains of bondage can be broken and the heavy yoke of sin can be removed. Even though we cannot see our Heavenly Trainer at work He is always there, leading us and guiding us through all of the struggles in the cage of… Continue

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Champions are overcomers!

Do you ever feel like there are major obstacles in your path to reaching your destiny? Maybe you don’t see how you could ever accomplish your dreams, or how you can get well, or how you can ever win this battle in the cage of life. Maybe the negative thoughts are like heavy strikes from your opponent telling you “It’s over. Just accept it. It’s never going to get any better.” But my encouragement to you is that God… Continue

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Champions, don't run and Champions don't hide!

Is there something difficult in your life that you are avoiding or you are afraid to do? So many people today run from anything that is hard or they’re scared they can’t do. They run from their problems. They run from responsibilities. They run from people they don’t like. They run from their past. They run from anything that makes them uncomfortable. Instead of facing their demons head on and dealing with them, they… Continue

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Champions Don't Give Up!

We all face difficulties and challenges in life. But you have to remember, as a believer in Jesus, you have the life-giving seed of Almighty God on the inside of you. When you go through battles or tough times, you may feel like you’ve been buried. You may feel like you are in a dark, lonely place. You may feel like it’s the end and your ready to be submitted or knocked out, but really it’s only the beginning. The fact is… Continue

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“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”

                                                                                  Luke 19:10


Our God is seeking for champions.  Have you sense him recruiting you?  He is not looking for fighters who have a perfect record.  He is looking for fighters who know .....(cont.)



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God loves to build champions. This might explain some of the pain in your life.  Being a champion requires enduring pain.  Training camp is not a walk in the park. 


We don’t object when we win, we just groan when we loose.  He has high aspirations for you.  God envisions you with your hand raised in the end.  He won’t stop until he is finished… He wants you to be a Champion In Christ! 

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