We all face difficulties and challenges in life. But you have to remember, as a believer in Jesus, you have the life-giving seed of Almighty God on the inside of you. When you go through battles or tough times, you may feel like you’ve been buried. You may feel like you are in a dark, lonely place. You may feel like it’s the end and your ready to be submitted or knocked out, but really it’s only the beginning. The fact is you haven’t been buried, you have been planted. That means you’re coming back. And not only are you coming back, but you are coming back in increase, better and stronger and faster than before.
In these tough times, you’ve got to draw a line in the sand. Take a stand, “This battle is not going to bury you. Let the light that is inside you shine outward. This loss, this disappointment, this injustice is not going to cause you to give up on your dreams. You must refuse to live in self-pity and know you are a seed. That means you cannot be buried. You can only be planted. You may have been taken down, but you know it’s only temporary. You know you are not only coming back, your coming back even better and stronger than you were before!” Remember it’s called a fight for a reason. However, we fight from victory not for victory. Keep on fighting!

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“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”

                                                                                  Luke 19:10


Our God is seeking for champions.  Have you sense him recruiting you?  He is not looking for fighters who have a perfect record.  He is looking for fighters who know .....(cont.)



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God loves to build champions. This might explain some of the pain in your life.  Being a champion requires enduring pain.  Training camp is not a walk in the park. 


We don’t object when we win, we just groan when we loose.  He has high aspirations for you.  God envisions you with your hand raised in the end.  He won’t stop until he is finished… He wants you to be a Champion In Christ! 

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