Are you still living in the past? You might still have those temptations from alcohol, drugs, tobacco, porn, lust or any other sin that you may have given into in the past, but now is the time to be set free! Don’t continue living in a world full of death and decay. Be loosed from the old sinful nature and look to live a brand new life pleasing to God!
Start sowing new seeds. Change your character by obeying God’s word. Choose to live your life pleasing to God by being a blessing to others so you may enjoy everlasting life. Show compassion to those in need and sow good seeds so you may reap the harvest and receive blessings that you have been waiting for.
Today is a new day, look forward keeping your focus on Jesus, and as you face your battles put on the full armor of God and stand as you continue to fight the good fight of faith. Lift up those around you that are down, be a blessing so you can receive your blessing. Never give up. Remember it’s called a fight for a reason. However, we fight from victory not for victory. Keep fighting!

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“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”

                                                                                  Luke 19:10


Our God is seeking for champions.  Have you sense him recruiting you?  He is not looking for fighters who have a perfect record.  He is looking for fighters who know .....(cont.)



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God loves to build champions. This might explain some of the pain in your life.  Being a champion requires enduring pain.  Training camp is not a walk in the park. 


We don’t object when we win, we just groan when we loose.  He has high aspirations for you.  God envisions you with your hand raised in the end.  He won’t stop until he is finished… He wants you to be a Champion In Christ! 

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